How To Choose Your Face Mask

Listen to your skin!
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“The best skin food is just that—good food,” Barbara Griggs, herbalist.

Our fresh face masks exemplify the principle of nutrition for the skin. As the skin is the body’s largest organ, it only seems natural to care for it as we would the rest of our bodies. By carefully layering fruits, vegetables, clays and essential oils, each face mask at Lush tells a story, and each one is unique in the benefits it provides the skin. So how do we choose just one?

How do you want your skin to feel, behave and look? These are questions to consider and answer for yourself when you’re trying to choose any new addition to your skincare routine. We design our products with effects in mind—not cookie-cutter skin types, ranges or systems. This means you can receive the benefits that these simple, beautiful ingredients have to offer, whether you choose the same mask week after week, or you change your products based on your skin’s particular mood.


By using purifying and clarifying bases of mud, clays or powders, face masks are ideal for deep cleansing. If you’re after clear and refreshed skin, try masks with astringent and detoxifying ingredients, like tea tree oil in Cosmetic Warrior, ginger in Brazened Honey, peppermint in Cupcake and lemon juice in Don’t Look At Me. These ingredients are brilliant for liberating congested skin, leaving it feeling renewed and bright. We want to make sure the skin stays soft and supple even as its being thoroughly cleansed, so you’ll find ingredients like honey, murumuru butter and cocoa butter in these masks as well, to ensure a balanced effect. Get ready for smooth, even skin!


If it’s a radiant, replenished complexion you’re after, look for rejuvenating ingredients like seaweeds and fresh fruit and vegetables. These nutrient-rich ingredients are not only yummy to eat, but contain antioxidants which combat free radicals caused by pollution, dehydration and overall wear-and-tear on the skin. BB Seaweed contains lashings of seaweed and aloe vera gel to hydrate and restore. Fresh wheatgrass and papaya in The Sacred Truth along with kiwi and asparagus in Ayesha bring vitamins and nutrients to the skin, giving your skin that extra energy boost (just like your morning fruit smoothie!)

Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

Don't Look At Me mask in use


Does your skin want some calm and comfort? We’re using time-honored calming ingredients like fine oatmeal in Oatifix, chamomile in Catastophe Cosmetic, and rose oil and calamine in Rosy Cheeks. These ingredients can aid in soothing redness, and provide skin with a relaxed and unified appearance. These masks are comforting blends to balance, and gently cleanse, for faces that like a light, caring touch and a smooth texture. The perfect antidote to stress!


If your skin is craving a scrub, look for exfoliating ingredients like coffee, adzuki beans, almond shells, rice, walnut shells or millet. All exfoliators are not created alike, ranging from brisk and polishing to gentle and renewing. So be mindful of the textures, and you’re sure to find the scrub that best suits you. If you’re having trouble deciding, try these sure-fire choices: Love Lettuce, Mask of Magnaminty (also available in a self-preserving formula) or Cup O’ Coffee. Each one contains ingredients to cleanse, soften and scrub. For example, Love Lettuce is an expertly crafted blend of exfoliating ground almonds, soothing honey and balancing lavender oil to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

In the words of Lush co-founder and product inventor Rowena Bird, ‘Listen to your skin’ when it comes to choosing your skincare routine. You’ll find you’re not only directing your skin’s journey to health and happiness, but also embracing the philosophy of food for the face!

We design our products with effects in mind—not cookie-cutter skin types, ranges or systems.
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