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Three Ways to Radiant Skin

At LUSH we believe everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin and we strongly support the enhancing of natural beauty. This is something everybody has! LUSH's Colour Supplements are lovely for giving you a gorgeous even complexion. You many notice we describe our Colour Supplements as a multipurpose base colour.

There are three ways in which you can use the Colour Supplements (if not more!). They can be used all year round but differently depending on your individual preferences. For instance, if you prefer a light dewy coverage you can mix it with a moisturizer, and apply it lightly with your hands. Whereas if you prefer a heavier coverage, you can use a denser brush and apply a bit more product!

The supplements are all complimentary to different undertones, some yellow based others pink/red based and Jackie Oates, for truly pale skin tones. Rice bran makes the supplements easy to blend, and although they come in a cute little pot they last for a very long time. Feel free to pop in the store and ask for advice if you are unsure of your colour match.


The most traditional way to use the Colour Supplements are as a foundation base. They can be used as an alternative for foundation and the sheer coverage allows your skin to breathe through the product as well as creating a natural finish. The Colour Supplements are great to use in the evening, and are great photo make up as they give glow to your skin. You can apply with your fingers or a makeup brush.


Concealing is easy peasy. The Colour Supplements are amazing used to conceal blemishes. Dot on the areas you wish to conceal, blending them in using your ring finger as it'll apply the least pressure to the thin skin under your eyes and give a precise finish.

Tinted Moisturizer

This is our favourite make up application for warmer weather. When the weather shines it can sometimes be a pain to wear too much product on your face, therefore it is a lovely mix when you pair one of our moisturizer with your desired Colour Supplement. Mix a your favourite moisturizer with a few dots of the Colour Supplement and smooth over your face, working from your cheeks outward. This way you can create your own custom made tinted moisturizer!

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