Tins and Knot-Wraps

Our aluminum tins are perfect for transporting shampoo bars, solid facial cleansers, soaps, body butters, massage bars and any other necessities you’ll be bringing with you on holiday. You wouldn’t dream of leaving your LUSH stash at home, would you? LUSH Knot-Wraps are a fantastic way to wrap up all your essentials in an easy-to-transport bundle. Place your picks in the center, tie the corners together and toss into your bag. Your Knot-Wrap can also double as a stylish bandanna or scarf for your holiday wardrobe. Aren’t you smart!

Tins and Knot-Wraps

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Shampoo Bar Tin


Keeps your shampoo bar safe when traveling

  • This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
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