Vegan Hair Care

Do shampoos and conditioners typically contain animal products? Yes, they do. For people leading a vegan lifestyle, their choices may surpass what they eat to the products they use in their daily life. Hair care products are among the hardest to find vegan alternatives, but at LUSH we’ve made a commitment to providing animal-friendly alternatives.

LUSH inventor Helen Ambrosen worked for years on a conditioner formula that was both vegan and effective, and the result was Veganese. Helen replaced lanolin (a waxy substance made from sheep’s wool) with seaweed, for a wonderfully softening effect on the hair. Our entire solid shampoo range recently became 100% vegan, when we replaced the lanolin in Godiva with cupuacu butter.

Many hair gels on the market contain animal products, as they are often made with beeswax and lanolin. Helen tried loads of different incarnations before she arrived at just the right (vegan) formula! Dirty styling cream is brilliant for a sleek hold, while The Big Tease is perfect for really pumping up your style. We’re enormously proud of the vegan products we’ve created, and we’re always looking for new and innovative ingredients to invent more vegan alternatives with.