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Your Best Summer Skin

Your Best Summer Skin

When the thermometer rises and the sun never seems to set, no matter how much fun you get up to your skin may disagree. Whether you spent your days at the beach or in the sweltering city, we have skincare solutions to overcome even the hottest months of the year.

Where to Begin

Begin with a visit to your favorite shower, bathtub, or body of water. Get off to a fresh start by exfoliating your face and body with our best-selling Ocean Salt scrub. Sea salt removes all the rough stuff to reveal smooth skin that’s ready for a bikini or board shorts. A blend of avocado butter, vodka, and grapefruit and lime infusions leave skin hydrated and toned. Follow up with Happy Hippy, the grapefruit shower gel that’s brighter than an afternoon at the beach. This sunny citrus sudser leaves skin squeaky clean with a double dose of vitamin C from grapefruit and bergamot oils. After your shower session, keep yourself fresh and conquer heat induced stink with one of our odor busting deodorants like Coconut or The Guv’ner. Your friends, family, and random passers by will thank you for your fresh-smelling pits!

Best Face Forward

Let’s face it; your visage is your window to the world and your most important asset. Begin with Angels on Bare Skin, our gentle exfoliating cleanser. Calming rose absolute and lavender oil help combination skin find balance. Next, fight against oil build-up and breakouts by spritzing on our refreshing Tea Tree Water toner. This cool blast in a bottle is loaded with tea tree oil to banish blackheads, blemishes, or a dreaded case of bacne. Follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and hydrated.

Don’t Forget your Digits

They travel with you everywhere, but what was the last thing you did for your tired tootsies? During the summer our feet take a beating from flip-flops, sand, and sweaty runners that should have been replaced years ago. So treat your calloused soles to some sole food, why don’t you? Begin with Volcano, a foot mask made with kaolin, pumice, and papaya, to soften and de-stink in 10 minutes flat. Follow up with our Fair Trade Foot Lotion, which features a blend of refreshing spearmint oil and moisturizing cocoa butter, to hydrate and perk up lifeless soles. Finish with T for Toes, our amazing antibacterial and deodorizing foot powder. Now you're ready to hit the ground running in whatever footwear you please!

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