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Your top 10 Retro LUSH products!

As you’ve probably noticed, we are rather addicted to inventing new products. We just can’t stop ourselves! Unfortunately, our shops have limited shelf space and we can’t possible house everything we’ve ever invented. Since discontinuing products leads to customers rioting (or writing letters), we knew we needed a way to bring you those items you just can’t live without. Enter, Retro LUSH, our online shop that has enough shelf space to hold our beloved, discontinued inventions.

Here’s your top ten Retro LUSH favorites, with a brief description and quotes from you about how much you love them! Click through the name to find the product page for each of these Retro beauties.

Tramp Shower Gel
Tramp through the forest every morning with earthy patchouli and melissa bubbles.

“Very unisex and very sexy. I love the earthy fresh scent of this shower gel. It’s like walking through a lush, cedar forest after the rain has moistened the ferns and wild plants of the forest floor. So beautiful and so primal.” By Moonpagans_lady from BC Canada



Schnuggle Body Butter
Soft, powdery solid body cream with the sleepy scent of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood.

"This is my first body butter/massage bar... I absolutely love this. It is easy to use and quite moisturizing. You do not rinse this off. Perfectly smelling of lavender. Wonderful, I must stock up."By NorthernGurl from Sudbury, ON



The Sicillian Bath Bomb
Five vibrant citrus oils and fresh orange slices for a smile-inducing soak.

“I spent a hot summer's evening, soaking in a tub full of lemonade and oranges. This gorgeous citrusy experience was so completely relaxing that I didn't want to leave the tub.” By Jill the island girl from Mississauga, Ontario



Reincarnate Solid Shampoo
Wash brown and black hair with red henna for happy scalps and glossy locks

“This shampoo literally saved my hair and scalp… This bar leaves my head perfectly balanced, clean, full of natural oils, and shiny. Highly recommended to anybody looking for something different (especially dark brunettes).” By Shiny-locks from Ottawa, ON



Smitten Hand Cream
Marzipan-scented almond cream for soft, fragrant mitts.

"They call it Smitten for a reason! The scent is really lovely, sweet and almondy, like marzipan. Really makes me think of Christmas! It seems expensive for the size, but I can just touch my finger to the lotion, and it's enough for both my hands. I haven't found a lotion before (outside of Lush) that's this effective for my dry, chapped hands. Here's to never having dry hands again!" By Monique from Newfoundland, Canada



Coolaulin Hair Conditioner
Fresh-cracked coconuts tame curly, dry and processed hair.

"Coolaulin is hands down my favourite conditioner EVER. It conditions beautifully without weighing hair down or leaving it greasy. The scent is luscious -- light & not overly perfumed and works very well used in tandem with the Trichomania solid coconut shampoo." By Janii from Toronto



All That Jas Bath Bomb
Sultry and soft, with that famous smoky jasmine fragrance of our Silky Underwear dusting powder.

"All That Jas? Powdery florals in a sea of brilliant turquoise water - absolutely gorgeous! This was one of the best baths I've ever experienced. The scented oils drenched my skin with moisture making me feel as if I'd just visited an expensive spa. Amazing!!" By Jill the island girl from Mississauga, Ontario



In The Nude Luxury Bath Melt
The Dream Cream of bath melts, with the most soothing ingredients to save sore, dry skin.

"I have super sensitive skin and this bath melt is a must have. Every time I order, I'm sure to get several of these. It soothes itchy, irritated skin just as good as calamine lotion would sooth a bug bite." By Ajablon from Ventura, CA



Mud Flats Soap
Antibacterial Rhassoul mud soap to help clear spotty backs and de-stinkify ‘pits and feet.
"I highly recommended this soap to any acne sufferer simply for the reason that it works to clear acne. It is the only thing that worked to clear up my skin both face and body. This is after throwing down tons of $$ for all the latest and greatest acne medications and treatments none of which lived up to thier hype. Seriously, if you have acne and / or oily skin use this soap!" By Flashdance_2 from Toronto, ON



Gentle Lentil
A creamy lentil shampoo with a soft, beautiful scent to help improve the tensile strength of hair and moisturize for luscious locks.

"This is my first LUSH review (yay!) and I just wanted to share how absolutely amazing this little shampoo smells. I got it as a sample with an order and I'm in love. I can't exactly describe the scent except to say that it's so so good and I can't stop smelling my hair now. So full of happy. I've only washed my hair with it a few times, but it's made my curls bouncier and more defined and when coupled with Jungle I have such soft, sweet/subtle smelling hair. I used to throw my hair back in a ponytail but after using LUSH, I wear it down and free and feel so gorgeous. And like I said, I can't stop smelling my hair! I can't recommend Gentle Lentil enough." By Erika from Pennsylvania

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