Take It All Off! Why Exfoliation is Your New Best Friend

Did you know that you lose approximately one million skin cells every 24 hours?  Your skin is constantly shedding old (or dead) cells and rebuilding new ones.  The most striking example of this is when you have a terrible sunburn that begins to peel. Yuck! Fortunately, our skin cells are so tiny that this daily turn-over is not visible to the naked eye. It is, however, important that we encourage this natural cycle by exfoliating on a regular basis!

So what does exfoliation do? It reveals a smoother and more pliable level of your skin, stimulates blood flow for an even skin tone and allows your body lotion to work more effectively by removing dead cells that clog pores. Exfoliating can be done with any material coarse enough to slough away rough skin, but we prefer to use the finest, most effective natural ingredients available. Our scrubby products come in three different forms; solid scrubs, like our pumice-infused Stepping Stone foot scrub or Sugar Scrub, body butters, cocoa and shea butter bars with finely ground almonds, rice or aduki beans, and facial cleansers, like our Ocean Salt face and body scrub, which contains both coarse and fine sea salt.

With such a wide array of products to choose from, the question you simply must ask before devoting yourself to one is:how rough do you like it? For those of you who like it gentle and soft, go for a fine ground material or an exfoliant set in cocoa butter, like our Buffy body butter.  Love it rough? Get down and dirty with Ocean Salt or Sugar Scrub. So what are you waiting for? Go get scrubby with it. (And don’t forget to follow up with your favorite body lotion and dusting powder!)