We use rose oil, fresh rose petals, rose petal infusions, rose buds and rose absolute in a range of our products. We are one of the main buyers of rose absolute in the world!

Rose is wonderfully soothing on dry, rough, irritated and mature skin, making it a perfect ingredient in our range of hand and body lotions and skin care. We use rose water in our Ultrabland facial cleanser, rose water and absolute in our skin-soothing Dream Cream and freshly chopped rose petals in our BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask .

Rose absolute and rose oil are also popular in perfumery and aromatherapy for their distinctive, sweet, perfume-like aroma. and we use them in a range of our bath products and perfumes. The scent of the rose is considered an aphrodisiac and is an ancient symbol of love and innocence. We use rose oils, absolutes and rose buds in our Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb, Amandopondo Bubble Bar Slice, Rose Queen Bath Bomb and Rose Jam Bubbleroon to soothe the skin and relax a weary mind. LUSH perfumer Simon used rose oil and rose absolute in one of his latest creations, Imogen Rose perfume, which brings the scent of authentic damask roses to the skin. We also use rose absolute as a part of the fragrance in our famous Daddy-O shampoo.