Top Five Tips for a Stimulating Massage

Set the Mood
Don’t be afraid to light a candle or two, put on some 90’s power ballads (or whatever you find relaxing) and get comfortable.

Some Like it Hot
Choose a massage oil with warming ingredients, like our brand new Hottie massage bar. Hottie is made with black pepper oil to stimulate blow flow, relieving sore muscles from aches and pains.

 Bump and Grind
Need a little extra stimulation? Our Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar contains a layer of whole aduki beans that act like little fingers, providing a deep massage for sore spots.

 Smooth it Out
When you’re ready to massage, use the whole hand and make long, smooth movements with even pressure. Start at the head and work all the way down the body (yes, even the feet!)

 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…
Don’t neglect the areas of your body that hold the most tension, like your head, hands and feet. After all, they do most of your body’s work!