Did You Know? Five Fast Facts About Your Skin

  1. Your skin defends your body by acting as the barrier between pathogens and your internal organs.
    Covering up with a bandage when you've been cut isn't just beneficial for the wound itself; it's also protecting your tissue from becoming infected by the multitude of pathogens floating around in the air.
  2. Skin is a sense organ; it contains millions of nerve endings that react to temperature, pressure and touch.
    This one may seem obvious, but take a second to think about your most sensitive areas (yes, even that super sensitive one) and why it's beneficial to have extra 'feeling' there.
  3. As a water resistant barrier, your skin makes sure essential nutrients are not washed out of the body.
    Quite simply, our skin holds us together! As humans are over 80% water, your skin provides a channel through which fluids can flow freely throughout the body without loosing essential vitamins and nutrients.
  4. The skin on an adult human weighs approximately 3.6 kilograms and covers 2 square meters of space.
    Though it may seem thin and light spread over your entire body, your skin is actually one big organ.
  5. In a 24 hour period, you lose approximately one million skin cells.
    Your skin is constantly shedding old (or dead) skin cells and rebuilding new ones. The most visible example of this happens when you have a terrible sunburn that begins to peel. Yuck!