The Cosmetic Deli


When the first LUSH opened its doors on 29 High Street in Poole England, the inventors were upstairs making fresh skin and haircare, while the products were sold downstairs. Our store displays were inspired by fresh fruit in markets, big rounds of cheeses, delis and sweet shops, with soaps stacked naked and fresh, ready to be picked up, sliced and wrapped for each individual customer. At our heart, LUSH is a cosmetic deli.


From the beginning we've been a vegetarian company with vegan options, against animal testing, and always aiming to make our products as naked and as fresh as possible. Take our Fresh Face Masks as an example. We make them in our cosmetic kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, sliced and chopped by hand, and clays, butters and the highest quality essential oils. We do believe that putting the whole fruit in fresh will give the skin all the very best nutritional benefits.


Bath Bombs

Inspired by fruit markets, we pile our Bath Bombs high in crates like apples, berries and oranges, naked, fresh and ready to be picked. Selling them without any packaging means we can avoid excessive waste, and also create beautiful displays that customers can interact with. We love the idea that customers can come in, pick up, smell and choose their perfect Bath Bomb. When you're shopping for fruit, do you just pick the apple off the top? Or do you look around and find your perfect apple?


We cut soaps fresh to the weight the customer requests and wrap them in deli paper, just like one would in a cheese shop. Since we didn't have a lot of money in the beginning, the inventors would head to the market and find fresh produce. If oranges and cinnamon were the only ingredients we could afford, we created an orange and cinnamon soap and sold it as our daily special. LUSH's first shop employee wrote by hand the daily specials up on the chalkboard. This became the "LUSH" handwriting that is taught to all our shop designers and used in the shops today!


We package our liquid products in 100% recycled post-consumer plastic black pots, which we call "Dairy Pots", as the product is made fresh just like cream or yoghurt, and sold in simple, straight-forward packaging. We had a very personalized experience for customers in mind when we started up LUSH, where they could come in and tell us how their skin, hair, body was feeling and we could recommend and maybe even make a few products specifically for them.

Bubble Bars

Bubble Bar Slices were created in 1998 by LUSH co-founder Helen Ambrosen by combining baking soda, cream of tartar and essential oils. Originally we sold them in bulk; we cut them and sold them by weight to customers. Our bubbles are still preservative-free, naked and made by hand, but we cut them in the factory before sending them out to stores. Come you’re your local shop and we'll show you a demonstration so you can see just how may bubbles our bars make!

Consultation Table

Our sales associates focus on finding the right product for you; not the one that's the most popular or the ones we might like, but the ones that will give you the benefits you're looking for. Just like in a deli where you can ask for a sample to taste before you buy, we will show you how our products feel on the skin while you're in the store. We know that skincare is a deeply personal thing, so come into one of our shops and ask for a personalized skincare consultation. We'll sit down with you and find out exactly how you want your skin to feel, and then sample a few recommended products on your skin to see how they feel before you take them home. With fresh, naked products to smell and sample, and staff that engages with customers to find personalized products just for them, we are still in our hearts a cosmetic deli.