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Jun 06.8

Perfume-free: We Do the Coco Lotion

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

We fully embrace our reputation of being the smelliest shop on the block, so to create an unscented body lotion seems quite unlike us.

But when we smelled the fabulous tropical aroma of Coco Lotion’s gorgeous ingredients, we knew that this was one LUSHious treat that didn’t need any additional perfume. The unperfumed nature of Coco Lotion makes it perfect for those of us with irritable skin, an extra-sensitive nose, or for perfume purists who prefer a body lotion that moisturizes their skin without competing with their signature scent.

Though we don’t add any perfume to Coco Lotion, you'll surely find a subtle aroma when you open up a pot. The tropical ingredients combine beautifully to make you feel like you’re at the beach on an exotic island each time you apply (and for the rest of the day when you catch a whiff!) This gentle, but intoxicating smell is comprised only of the gorgeous skin-softening and nourishing ingredients that we put into each handmade batch.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

We do enjoy a lovely bunch of coconuts, especially when they give us luxuriously silky extra virgin coconut oil! 25% of each pot of Coco Lotion is coconut oil, but the love affair doesn’t stop there- we use coconut oil in our facial moisturizers, massage bars, bubbleroons and loads of other favorites. Coconut oil softens, moisturizes and naturally balances out oils on the skin, all while smelling like paradise. Its velvety consistency contributes to the light, whipped texture of Coco Lotion while still allowing it to deeply moisturize even the driest skin. You’ll be flaunting your soft, smooth skin wearing a coconut shell bra (or maybe a regular swimsuit) in no time!


Fresh Pineapple

Whole fresh pineapples are delivered directly to our kitchens where our compounders cut them up by hand, relishing the fresh, summery smell (and maybe sneaking a bite here and there!). Pineapple isn’t just delicious to eat; it’s lovely for brightening the skin too. It contains a group of enzymes called Bromelain, which breaks down dead cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the bright, beautiful skin below. We use pineapple and pineapple juice in some of our most popular recipes like Gorgeous facial moisturizer and Rehab shampoo.



Mandarin- Rosemary Infusion

Our compounders make mandarin-rosemary infusion from scratch in our kitchens exclusively for Coco Lotion. We simmer whole fresh mandarin oranges and rosemary leaves in boiling water, allowing the fresh citrus and herbal essences to infuse into the water. When the simmering’s complete, we strain the mixture for an infusion that’s both calming and refreshing on dull or tired skin. Mandarins brighten the skin and rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties, so Coco Lotion will leave your skin both relaxed and glowing. Have you just been on vacation? It sure looks like it!


Organic Pumpkinseed oil

It’s well known that pumpkins are delicious in pies and are perfect for carving jack-o-lanterns, but did you know that their seeds contain high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium? We use cold-pressed organic pumpkin seed oil in Coco Lotion to ensure we’re providing premium quality vitamins and essential fatty acids to the skin. Turns out pumpkins are delicious AND nutritious!


Making Coco Lotion part of your daily skincare routine is the perfect way to add a bit of luxury into the everyday. Taking a moment to smooth this luscious lotion over your body is like providing your skin with a daily delivery of fresh, natural produce…and your skin is sure to take notice of this extra attention! You’ll find it soft, velvety and irresistibly touchable. The tropical ingredients with their delicate exotic aromas will transport your mind to a faraway exotic locale with every application... so do the Coco Lotion and reap the benefits!