LUSH Chicago Armitage hosts a party raising awareness for The Puppy Mill Project

LUSH Chicago Armitage held a party in December, 2012 for our Charity Pot partners The Puppy Mill Project, a charity that aims to educate the public about puppy mill cruelty.

Joaquin, the shop manager relayed the excitement felt by all the staff and the charity at the event: “The charity was absolutely thrilled with the event! They were so excited to receive the grant and to be able to fund a giant billboard here in the city. They were so gracious that we opened our doors for them to use LUSH Armitage as a platform to advocate and celebrate their great organization”.

A volunteer from The Puppy Mill Project dressed as a Dalmatian and stood on the street passing out leaflets about their organization and information on what they are doing in the Chicago area. Inside the shop, volunteers passed out bracelets, talked about their website and informed people how they can help decrease the demand for puppy mills. Friends and family stopped by to say hello and support this great cause.

Thank you so much to the staff at Armitage for welcoming and supporting The Puppy Mill Project, and to our customers who make the Charity Pot funding possible. Every single penny from the purchase of a Charity Pot hand and body lotion goes into a fund that supports humanitarian, environmental and animal rights charities around the world.