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Jun 06.19

More DIY popsicles: LUSH summer recipes

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We’re back with part 2 of our LUSH summer recipe series! As promised, we’ve created 3 more LUSH-inspired popsicle recipes to help you keep cool and enjoy the season to the fullest. Our products are loaded with fresh ingredients that we use for their benefits on the skin and hair, but they’ve also inspired us to make these delicious frozen treats that’ll be perfect for your next patio party!

Here’s what you’ll need to make the pops:

-Re-usable ice pop molds (if you don’t have reusable molds, use any freezable container you like: try using small glass jar and popsicle sticks.)

-A blender or food processor

-A freezer (with enough space to house your frozen treats)

-Ingredients as set out in the recipes below


Miranda fruit pop

kiwi orange vegan popsicle recipe

Just as a certain fruit-hat-wearing dancer inspired our fruity kiwi-orange Miranda soap, Miranda soap has inspired this yummy icy fruit pop! Fresh kiwis are cleansing and brightening for the skin and make a delicious tropical pop when paired with fresh oranges. We don’t recommend balancing this one on your head… it’s better to have it melt in your mouth!

-2 kiwis

-2 medium oranges

-1 cup water

-1 cup yogurt or coconut milk

vegan popsicle recipe

Step 1-Peel 2 medium oranges, remove the seeds and blend the fruit in a blender or food processor until it’s a pulp-like consistency.

Step 2-Add 1 cup of yogurt or coconut milk and stir until thoroughly mixed.

Step 3-Peel 2 kiwis and cut into slices.

Step 4- Place kiwi slices at the bottom and sides of your mold.

Step 5- Pour yogurt/coconut and orange mixture in to the mold to fill.


Lemony Flutter Pop

vegan lemon popsicle recipe

Fresh organic lemon infusion makes Lemony Flutter cuticle butter our zestiest, freshest-smelling cream. Not only does it smell fantastic, lemon infusion also brightens the skin while its trusty partner mango butter softens and hydrates rough bits. We’ve made this citrusy duo into a zippy ice pop that refreshes like a glass of lemonade on a hot day: just right for a pick-me-up between bouts of beach volleyball!

-1 cup lemon juice

-1 mango

-½ cup yogurt or coconut milk

-sugar (optional)

lemon mango popsicle recipe

Step 1- Dice mango, discard skin and pit and blend with fresh lemon juice in food processor

Step 2- Add yogurt or coconut milk and blend in food processor. Add sugar to taste- for a tart popsicle, forego sugar altogether, but for a sweeter taste add sugar sparingly until it tastes just right.

Step 3- Fill molds and freeze!


Soft Coeur Pop

chocolate yogurt popsicle recipe

For every fruit-lover out there, we know there’s a chocoholic pining for a sweet, chocolaty treat. We can sympathize! We’ve created a sweet, creamy chocolate pop for you inspired by our scrumptious chocolate-honey Soft Coeur massage bar. Cocoa powder and honey give Soft Coeur a sweet, sexy smell that’s sure to set the mood for a sensual massage…they also make a delicious chocolaty pop perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

-¼ cup chocolate chips

-2 cups yogurt 

-4 tablespoons honey

-¼ cup almonds

-4 tablespoons vanilla extract

chocolate honey popsicle recipe

Step 1: Chop or crush almonds into small bits

Step 2: Blend yogurt, vanilla extract and honey together

Step 3: Add in almonds and mix with a wooden spoon (don’t put these in the blender or they'll be chopped too small!).

Step 4: Fill mold with the mixture, leaving a wee bit of room at the top.

Step 5: Melt chocolate chips, then evenly distribute the melted chocolate into molds with a spoon and give it 1-2 gentle stirs with the popsicle stick to swirl the chocolate into the yogurt mix. Place in freezer.


Each recipe will yield about 6 pops (depending on the size and shape of your molds) Sizes and moisture content of fruit will vary: As a general rule, to make about 6 pops you should have approximately 4 1/2 cups of mixture. 

For all popsicle recipes, keep the pops in the freezer for 8 hours to ensure they’ve frozen completely through. To remove pops from their molds, dip the molds in hot water for a few seconds and gently pull on the stick to release.

Whip up a batch of these icy refreshers and make the best of summertime by keeping cool and staying fresh. Watch for the next installment of the LUSH summer recipe series…hint: they’ll be perfect for poolside sipping!