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$5 - $250
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Lush Gift Card image
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Give them the Lush experience

Know they love Lush but aren't sure about their favorites? Fear not! Lush gift cards are available in denominations from $5 to $250 and may be redeemed online, by telephone at 1.888.733.5874, or in Lush retail stores. Our gift cards have no expiry date and you can include a personal message before sending them. You can relax knowing they’re getting exactly what they want: a Lush shopping spree!


How to use

In person: Approach your local shop with caution. You're about to experience what many have only dreamt of: a full-on Lush shopping spree. Take your time smelling, scrubbing, spritzing and sudsing with everything in your path. Pile your chosen goodies on the till counter and SWIPE! They're yours. Just like that.

Online: Explore our website to discover your new favorite Lush treats. Read reviews, watch videos, or even call our customer care center for a personal consultation. Once you've narrowed down the list, get click happy and press that big green 'buy' button on each product. Enter your gift card information and await the imminent arrival of your gifted goodies!

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours to activate your gift card.

Lush Gift Card image
Lush Gift Card image