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The smell of Lush

Spicy, citrusy and distinctly unique, Karma is our patchouli, sweet orange and lemongrass perfume that will create a scent that's both warm and enticing. It's our ode to hippies and head shops, and was inspired heavily by music. Karma has topped our charts since it was launched and we love it so much, we had to create a Karma body lotion, soap, shampoo bar and bubble bar so you can surround yourself in it.

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Fresh ingredients


Fresh ingredients

DRF Alcohol, linkHolder Fragrance, linkHolder Patchouli Oil, linkHolder *Limonene, linkHolder *Linalool, linkHolder Sweet Orange Oil, linkHolder Lavendin Oil, linkHolder Pine Oil (Pinus sylvestris), linkHolder Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus), linkHolder Elemi Oil, linkHolder Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana), linkHolder *Cinnamal, linkHolder *Citral, linkHolder *Geraniol, linkHolder *Citronellol, linkHolder *Farnesol, linkHolder *Benzyl Benzoate, linkHolder *Eugenol, linkHolder *Benzyl Salicylate. linkHolder *Occurs naturally in essential oils

Natural ingredients

Safe synthetics

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