Haircare Myths

Urban myths aren’t limited to horror movies. In fact, belief in just one or two of the hair care myths below could make your mane pretty scary indeed. Fear not… let’s debunk them now!

More shampoo = cleaner hair

– Not true! Don’t get yourself into an unnecessary lather and waste shampoo. Just a squirt (about the size of a quarter) is usually enough for long hair. Very long hair may take a little more. Our solid shampoo bars last for 50- 80 washes; evidence that a little does go a long way. The secret to clean, healthy hair is not the amount of lather your shampoo creates; it’s the ingredients in your shampoo. Read the labels, learn about the ingredients and know why they’re there.

You must shampoo every day

– Not true! We sell shampoo so we could certainly benefit from keeping this falsehood to ourselves (but we believe in honesty). Shampooing too frequently can harm hair and lead to excess oil production. If you have extremely oily hair and shampoo twice a day, cut back to once. If you shampoo daily, try every other day instead. It can take two to three weeks for your scalp to adjust, but the benefits will be worth the bother. Wear your hair up or use a stylish headband to keep it under control until the awkward phase passes.

You have to change shampoos frequently

– Not true! While your mane may have its own quirky personality, hair does not get bored and demand change just for the sake of change. What can happen though is a build up of residue from conditioners and other styling products (non-LUSH of course). This buildup can cause hair to become droopy and lifeless. Use a clarifying shampoo like I Love Juicy, Rehab, or Big every once in a while to liven things up.

Oily hair doesn’t need to be conditioned – Not true! No matter how oily your scalp, a conditioner is necessary to replace lost moisture, especially if you use a clarifying shampoo. All hair types need conditioner; just be mindful of how you apply it. In general, the ends need much more conditioning than the roots. Try conditioning using the ‘ears down’ method. Start from the ends of your hair and work your way up to your ears. Only condition from the ears up if your hair is particularly dry.

Rinse-out conditioners don’t help

– Not true! Conditioning is an important part of a healthy hair care routine. Rinse-out conditioners applied to your hair right after washing leave moisturizing proteins and other nutritious ingredients on the hair shaft so it feels softer, looks shinier, has better condition and resists damage.

Conditioner helps repair split ends

– Not true! Only a haircut can get rid of split ends. However, conditioner does smooth down the hair cuticle, giving the appearance of better condition. You can help avoid damage in the first place by using the right conditioner for your needs.