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LUSH Articles

No longer are we condemned to waste time moisturizing our bodies after we've toweled off! Read more
After an inspirational trip to Tibet, Simon created two distinct scents. Read more
Our Buffy Body Butter was inspired by LUSH co-founder and inventor Rowena’s trip to Brazil. She already loved all things scrubby, and then she heard about the women in Brazil who rub a mixture of sand and sunscreen into their backsides. Read more
Have a sniff, find the one you like, and we’ll cut you a piece. Read more
We use scoops of sweet ground almonds in many of our skincare products because they create such a wonderful, gentle exfoliation. We coarsely grind the almonds to create a soft, floury texture which gives a lovely polish to the skin, improving the tone, colour and texture. Read more
Cupuacu trees are a traditional rainforest food source native to Brazil and Cuba. Cold-pressing the seeds of the cupuacu fruit creates a thick, rich butter high in beneficial fatty acids. Read more
We use chamomile blue oil extensively across all our product ranges for it’s gentle, soothing nature. Read more
Our Newbury shop in Boston was excited to host a party for one of our Charity Pot partners, Grey2K. Grey2K is the biggest greyhound protection organization in the U.S. Read more
These are exactly what we say they are; luxurious bath products which melt in your bathwater, releasing essential oils and emollient ingredients to perfume and soften the skin. Read more
Did you know that we invented solid Bubble Bar Slices, and even have a patent on them? One night LUSH co-founder and product inventor Helen Ambrosen left a sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar mixture out and it accidentally got wet Read more
Although Mark is LUSH’s hair expert (he is a trained trichologist after all!) and very skilled at making wonderful hair care products, he often shares his ideas with Helen. Read more
Father-and-son Gorilla Perfumers talk to us about their journey together Read more