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  • Pretty pink treats in a hat box to keep!
    This luxurious hat box gift is for anyone who loves pink cotton candy, pink roses, pink marshmallows, pink bubblegum and insatiably soft, scented skin. Fourteen of our most fabulous pink products for bath, shower and body come together in this
    • This product may melt if shipped to a warm location.
    Tickled Pink
  • A magic potion of transportation
    An earthy, mystical fragrance inspired by the mythology behind The Agglestone, or the Devil's Nightcap, a megalithic rock outside the town of Studland, England. The story goes that his Satanic Majesty hurled the rock in an attempt to hit a nearby
    • This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
    Devil's Nightcap
    $139.95 - $139.95
  • Set in stone
    Thick and fiery, this scent is inspired by unearthed tree roots and freshly turned earth. The essence of Hellstone is captured in heavy joboba and beeswax, anointing the skin with a sensual, warm undertone. The scent of newly turned earth and roots
    $139.95 - $139.95
  • The legendary box of best-sellers
    If you really want to leave them speechless, this is the gift to give. It’s a massive box of twenty-eight LUSH legends and exciting newcomers that have leapt to the top of the charts. Hair, face, hands, feet and everything in between will be softer,
    • This product may melt if shipped to a warm location.
    LUSH Legends
    Out of stock