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  • Five best-selling favorites
    Brighten up a special someone’s day with this cheerful gift filled with five of our best-selling inventions! Designed to cleanse, soften and scent the entire body, these hand-picked goodies will turn anyone’s bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary in
    All The Best
  • Fresh and fruity gift for all-over indulgence
    Get your strawberries, mangoes, bananas, kiwis, figs, and lemons here! This cheery basket is filled with ten delights to help you feel just fruity… and yes—we really do put the whole fruit in! We’ve hand-picked the freshest, fruitiest offerings for
    The Whole Fruit
  • A box of cheerful citrus suds to inspire smiles
    Transform moody morning people into shiny, happy people with this gift of sunny, citrus delights. A single shower is all it takes to get pepped up and ready for the day, and there are enough fresh citrus juices and oils in this box to keep anyone
    Shiny Happy People
  • Wrap your gift in revolution this Christmas with a Vivienne Westwood designed Knot-Wrap.
    Fashion designer and activist Vivienne Westwood has created this Knot-Wrap design to help raise awareness about the wastefulness of packaging and wrapping paper. This limited edition 100% organic cotton wrap will be sold in LUSH shops worldwide and
    • This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
    Climate Revolution (Camel)
  • The story of the company that came before LUSH
    Our first book, Danger! Cosmetics To Go, tells the story of the meteoric rise and devastating fall of the company that came before LUSH, Cosmetics To Go. Meet the founders of LUSH, discover their stories and follow them as they forge a brand new
    Danger! Cosmetics to Go