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Sep 09.28

An Introduction to LUSH

Posted In: We Believe >> Our History

We've certainly come a long way since LUSH founders Mark and Mo Constantine started inventing cosmetics in their spare bedroom. For one thing, Mark and Mo now have a bit more help!

After two decades, we're still making our mums proud by packing our products with love and sticking our gorgeous faces on each pot.

At LUSH, we make vegetarian, handmade cosmetics for our shops in 44 countries worldwide using only the finest essential oils and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

We invent all our own products and fragrances- and we're quite proud of them, that's why we let you know right on the pot when the product was made and what we put in them.

We only make our products in small batches, by hand, to ensure that everything is delivered to your local shop or front door is as fresh as possible. You may be purchasing product that is only days, or even hours, old.

From hair care to hand-wrapped gifts, we've taken our inspiration from produce and flower markets, which is quite obvious if you visit one of our shops. We may have expanded a great deal in the last while, but we still believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.

At LUSH, we believe in supporting our community, animals and the environment. We use natural ingredients and safe synthetics, and we try out our products on (willing) humans only.

We never test our products and ingredients on animals, or engage with third-party suppliers to test on our behalf. We didn't create products for our furry friends, we made them for you!

We source our ingredients locally whenever possible, and have six manufacturing facilities around the world, so our products don't have to travel far to reach local shops.

You can buy about 70% of our products naked (the products themselves, we're not referring to online shopping!) Our naked products are made solid and preservative-free. We love inventing products with no packaging at all, but if we must use packaging, we use post-consumer recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials whenever possible.

Giving back to our community is something we love doing at LUSH. We created our Charity Pot program to support grassroots charities making a difference in human rights, animal protection or the environment. 100% of the proceeds of each Charity Pot body lotion sold go to support these lovely charities. To date, we've raised almost 3 million dollars in North America and have supported charities and projects worldwide.

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