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Sep 09.28

Green Piece

Posted In: We Believe >> Green >> LUSH Values

There’s a lot happening here at LUSH! Our loyal customers trust that we take our responsibility to environmental stewardship seriously. We’re always thinking of new and exciting ways to a green our products and our company. Environmental consciousness is a company-wide effort that flows from each employee into our luscious handmade products and ultimately to your homes. So you can relax and enjoy your bath knowing that we are already thinking about all the hard stuff.

At LUSH, we are committed to reducing our energy load and investing in renewable technology to make clean energy affordable for everyone. Most of our products are sold directly to you with minimal packaging or entirely without packaging. Why is this? Well, packaging is a big problem in our landfills so reducing the amount of materials we toss out in the trash is a no-brainer. Packaging also requires a lot of additional energy to produce and transport. At Lush, we are reducing our carbon footprint by not using packaging at all and by using recycled-only or compostable materials for the packaging that we do have.

As part of our energy initiative, we are proud of our partnership with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s largest renewable energy producer. Bullfrog's green electricity comes exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro facilities that meet or exceed Environment Canada's EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity, instead of from polluting sources like coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear. A few other organizations alongside us in this partnership are the Canada Green Building Council, Greenpeace Canada, and the Clean Air Foundation.

Our goal at LUSH, simply put, is to do right by the environment and have fun doing it. We are passionate about making the world a better place – it’s what makes us more than just a soap shop…

GREEN FEATURE: Free Face Mask for being green? You know that we support many environmental and social non-profit organizations by donating 100% of the proceeds through our Charity Pot program. But, here’s something that you may not know… We have an in-store recycling program called “5 Black Pots Return”. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is return 5 of our black pots on your next visit to any of our stores and you’ll receive a FREE Fresh Face Mask as our gift to you!

ENERGY FACT: The term “AC/DC” is widely known as the name of a famous rock band from the early 80’s. The expression actually is a combination of two types of electricity. When you think of electricity, what name comes to mind? Thomas Edison, of course! But that’s only half of the story. Yes, Thomas Edison was very influential in promoting the development of direct current (DC) power. So, here’s the other half: Nikola Tesla was the inventor of alternating current (AC) power. Tesla was committed to the idea of free energy for all and was a foremost contributor to the birth of modern commercial electricity. Now every time you flip a light switch or use a remote control to change the channel on your TV, you’ll know who invented it.

GREEN TIP: Spa at home! Spa treatments are a wonderful way to unwind. Traditional day spas are wonderful. But you may be adding to your carbon footprint without knowing it, as day spas pack a load onto the energy grid. So, consider the alternative: soaking in a bath with one our sumptuous bubble bars, rich bath melts or fizzy bath bombs, followed by a soothing foot scrub and full body massage by your favorite human being… and remember to return the favor! You can still indulge yourself while saving green and being green.