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Oct 10.2

Lip Service: Improve Your Kisser

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Did you know that the skin on your lips is one of the most sensitive areas of the body? Chances are you have an idea given how sensational kissing can feel. But you know what doesn't feel good? Puckering up with someone who has a dry, chapped kisser. At LUSH we couldn't agree more so we assembled a range of scrubs, balms, and tints to keep your pout smooth and fabulous. By exfoliating, moisturizing, and adding subtle color, you can improve your best asset.

Pretty in Pink

This super sweet and super softening trio is perfect for candy flavored kisses and pretty pink pouts. Begin with our good enough to eat Bubble Gum Lip Scrub to sweeten up tired kissers. This blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing castor oil leaves behind a smoother pout. Follow up with our sweet as can bee Honey Trap Lip Balm loaded with a hydrating dose of real honey. Finish with a tint designed to manifest new beginnings. It Started With a Kiss Lip Tint paints your lips with an irresistible dewy hint of pinky-red color. With a pout this pretty there's no telling what could happen (or who you'll be kissing).

 Out on the Town

When you're ready to glam it up for a night out on the town start by getting your lips in check. A gentle exfoliation with our Sweet Lips Lip Scrub is just the trick to turn a dull pout into a sexy, magnetic smile. Keep the good times going with Lip Service Lip Balm. This classic cocoa butter and beeswax balm will plump and prep your pucker for your lip tint or lipstick. What's more glamorous than Marilyn Monroe inspired red lips? To achieve the prefect ruby shade try A Million Kisses Lip Tint for a subtle, moisturized kisser. Finish with Decisive, Power or Ambition Liquid Lipsticks from our Emotional Brilliance Range for an over the top pucker that won't take no for an answer. Planning on a quiet evening of café cruising and couch surfing instead? Skip the lipstick and opt for our subtle bronzy Latte Lip Tint.

Let's hear it for the Boys

Guys, let's get down to business, if you want more face time, and we're not talking about your iPhone, you have to take care of your pucker too. Don't be shy; start out with our Mint Julips Lip Scrub to get rid of all the rough stuff that tends to build up when the weather turns cold. This sweet minty delight is made from edible ingredients so feel free lick it off once you're feeling smooth. Finish off with our LUSH classic, Lip Service, a super softening cocoa butter, beeswax and tangerine oil lip balm. This orangey treat will moisturize and tone lips for the perfect pucker that’s ready primetime. And for you he-gans (male vegans) out there try our beeswax-free balm, appropriately called None of your Beeswax.