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Sep 09.28

Products Rated Tops by Our Fans

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There are some products that strike a universal chord with LUSH fans. These products have armies of devoted followers who couldn't live without them.

But these products aren't ones that a team of marketers have chosen. They are your favorites you tell us you love them on the Forum, on Facebook, Twitter, in the LUSH Times, and even on your home video reviews on YouTube! We love hearing these great comments so please keep 'em coming and we'll carry on trying to add to the list of LUSH Favorites!

Big Shampoo

If you've ever met Mark Constantine, you'll understand why his Forum name is Big (he's well over six feet tall!) Seeing as he invented this volumizing sea salt, seaweed, lemon and lime shampoo, especially to suit his hair, we think it's a pretty fair deal that he got to name it after himself! It's fantastic and making your hair BIG and giving it more shine than you ever thought imaginable.

Angels on Bare Skin

Our heavenly lavender roll is a best-seller; if you've tried it you know why. We've taken a medieval recipe and blended ground almonds to gently scrub, with china clay to deeply cleanse. Generous helpings of rose and lavender oils do their magic balancing and soothing your skin. No matter how naughty you are, wash with this and your face will look simply angelic.

Therapy Massage Bar

Therapy is absolutely ideal for anyone feeling stressed, worried or just plain tired. Our first therapeutic massage bar, Therapy, is made with 100 per cent organic ingredients like neroli and lavender oils to soothe muscles and ease tension, as well as Fair Trade cocoa butter to soften and give that incredibly rich chocolate scent.

Dream Cream

Dream Cream is so named because it's absolutely dreamy and one of the best body lotions we have. The dreamiest aspect of this one is that it has the most soothing essential oils for suffering skin. Lavender, rose and chamomile blue calm irritations and tea tree is a mild antiseptic; these are all stirred into one of our finest emulsions with cocoa butter, olive oil and oat milk to soften up dry patches.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

As the name suggests, we hold nothing back with this one. We've put in the sexiest, sultriest essential oils; all you have to do is draw a bath. Jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang work on your libido and help you relax at the same time. Be sure to share this one with a friend.

The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter is a big slab of blackcurranty goodness! Helen came up with the idea of making bubble bath solid (getting rid of the need for unnecessary packing!) and this swirl of loveliness is one of our most popular products. There's enough for about three or four baths here - simply break off a chunk and crumble it under running bath water for mounds of luxurious, blackcurrant bubbles. It's a big cozy cuddle in the tub.

Ultrabland Cleanser

Ultrabland is a facial cleanser that the inventors are incredibly proud of. The recipe has been changed over the years - but the quality has never been compromised. Helen and Mo use this nourishing, hydrating cleanser on a daily basis, so they would know if something was amiss. Smooth a fingerful all over your skin, then remove it with a wet flannel or cotton pad. It will lift all make-up and grubbiness from your skin like nothing else.

Vanishing Cream

Vanishing Cream is a relatively recent addition to the LUSH product hall of fame. It's our low-fat moisturizer (meaning there's no cocoa butter in the recipe) and hundreds, nay thousands of you have been writing to tell us how effective it is. Ideal for oilier skin types, this floaty light facial moisturizer will protect your skin from the elements without being too heavy. No more shiny face and hello beautiful matte complexion.

Love Lettuce

Our Fresh Face Masks are sensational. They are possibly the most unique cosmetic products available on the market; preservative free, full of the freshest fruit, vegetables and essential oils we can get our mitts on and must be kept in the fridge and used up within three weeks. Love Lettuce is made from china clay, honey and scrubby ground almonds, as well as a good dose of lavender to soothe and balance normal to oily skin types. Join the fresh revolution and slather on this verdant, cooling mask!

Karma Fragrance

The Gorilla Perfumers (Mark and Simon Constantine) are constantly trying to out do each other by creating more and more exquisite fine fragrances. Simon managed to get a five-star review in Luca Turin's: Perfumes, the A to Z Guide with his Breath of God fragrance - but Karma still tops the charts at LUSH.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

Whenever anyone new to LUSH pops into one of our shops, they are drawn to Honey I Washed The Kids soap, like bears to a honey pot. Maybe it's something to do with the spectacular size of these soapy wheels, maybe it's because people think it's cheese - or maybe because it has the most addictive honey and sweet wild orange oil fragrance.