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Sep 09.29

Read Our Lips: 7 Reasons to Care for Your Kisser

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"I don't think people pay enough attention to their lips." - Rowena Bird, LUSH Co-founder and product inventor

Technically speaking, lips can be defined as a visible mouth organ. (Note: this does not then make them a harmonica.) We use them to help us intake food, and to articulate words and communicate. Lips are full of nerve endings, and are sensitive to touch, warmth and cold. They also play a major role in kissing and all that follows. Whether you like it soft, hard, passionate, intense or long - we can think of a few good reasons to make caring for your lips an important part of your daily skin care.

Check out these fine facts:

Moves like Jagger: A typical French kiss uses 29 facial muscles. Which helps to explain once again the many benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Does the body good: A kiss can quicken your pulse up to 100 beats in a minute, and for a more intense workout, passionate kissing can burn up to 6.4 calories a minute, (or 600 calories an hour). We can imagine there were quite a few volunteers for this research study!

With the touch of your lips: 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers, the sensitivity of our lips brings new meaning to the phrase, "aching to touch".

Take one and call us in the morning: Right now honey, I have a headache! Kissing can relieve headaches. It creates relaxation, which releases the tension restricting blood vessels in the brain.

Glow in the dark: Have you ever wondered how their lips always seemed to find yours? Special neurons in the brain help us to locate our lover's lips in the dark.

Quality time: The average person spends 336 hours, or two weeks of his or her life kissing. If each kiss averages one minute in length, it adds up to 20,160 kisses. Not that we're counting...

Can't buy me love: A lipstick imprint of a kiss made by rock god Mick Jagger once sold for $1,600*

*Our lawyer told us that we really shouldn't use this fact as it may infer unrealistic expectations. While we cannot guarantee that kissing, or increasing your lip care may result in monetary benefits, we can safely assume that you'll have a good time trying.