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Oct 10.15

Real Men Use LUSH

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“Just a little bit of it can last all day, and it has a really pleasant smell.” -Kevin on The Big Tease hair gel

Ok guys, we get it; your skincare and shower routines are probably not the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning. But here's a fact that may make you do a double take; scents are implicitly linked to memory, and it just so happens that we here at LUSH make products that smell amazing. We know you're already a catch, but with a little extra help from a shower gel here or a shaving cream there, we guarantee that you'll be smelling, and looking, truly unforgettable. Not convinced? We talked to a few of our male customers outside of our LUSH Robson location to hear what they had to say about their favorite LUSH products.

When Your Shower Needs More Power

For a shower with more power (insert Tim Taylor grunting here) begin with one of our guy approved shower gels. Whether you prefer smelling minty, earthy, or citrusy we have a gel you can get into a lather over. Traditional types will love the cool, minty blast of our fresh spearmint gel Dirty Springwash. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers should suds up with Grass, our bergamot and wheatgrass scented shower gel. And for all the artsy types and free spirited bohemians we created Happy Hippy, a grapefruit scented shower gel to wake you up and stimulate creativity. If you're feeling extra dirty, give grimy skin a rough time with Ocean Salt, our sea salt, lime and vodka exfoliating scrub for your body and face. Finish your power shower with our eco friendly shampoo bar Squeaky Green. This ultra-effective shampoo uses peppermint, tea tree and rosemary for a healthier flake-free scalp and clean, zero-maintenance hair.

“It’s for every day perfect hair. I don’t have any bad hair days! It gives me thick   waves.” -Daniel on American Cream conditioner

“I like to use it before and after I shave. It exfoliates really well. And I just love the smell of Flying Fox (shower gel)”. -Jacob on Ocean Salt shower scrub and Flying Fox shower gel

Shaving and Beyond

Once you've showered off it's time to take care of your skin. Not to worry, this routine will get your face smooth and clean without any heavy lifting. Begin with a cleanser to get rid of excess dirt and oil and to prep your skin for shaving. Our heavenly Angels on Bare Skin cleanser will do just the trick no matter how sensitive your skin is. This spritely blend of kaolin clay, ground almonds, and lavender oil deep cleans, exfoliates, soothes and balances out combination skin. Follow up with a shave fit for royalty with Prince shaving cream. This neroli scented cream works on the burliest of beards to minimize irritation and leave your skin moisturized. Finish with a spritz of our Breath of Fresh Air toner to keep skin hydrated, and a dab of Cosmetic Lad moisturizer to ease any post-shave sensitivity. Finishing Touches After all your hard work in the shower and at the sink it's time for a few finishing touches to keep you smelling fresh all day. Say goodbye to pesky underarm stenches with our solid deodorant bars Aromaco and T'eo. They're perfect natural alternative to those chemical-loaded solid deodorant sticks you're probably familiar with. For persistent odors we recommend the Guv'ner, a powdered deodorant with sage, lavender and patchouli to annihilate the worst case of the stinkies. Once you've conquered your underarms finish with a grand finale, a couple spritzes of our spearmint and tarragon scented Dirty Body Spray. Now that you look and smell truly unforgettable, get out there and make some lasting memories!