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Oct 10.16

Make Me Over: Our New Look

Posted In: How To >> LUSH Values

How do you make a LUSH product even more enjoyable? By making it even easier to use, of course. With this in mind we set about giving our product labels a sleek new makeover. Now when you hit the bottle, or pot, you'll be greeted by a friendly new face (and face sticker). We made the labels easier to read, and added some helpful tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your new shampoo, shower gel, or moisturizer. Let's break it down.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

As always, we list our ingredients quantitatively, from what we use most to what we use least. Our new labels now distinguish between natural ingredients and safe synthetics (in italics). There's also a featured ingredient, so you can learn something new about how the product will benefit your skin.


Put a Name On It

We believe in happy people making happy products! So we give credit where credit is due and put their beautiful faces on our beautiful products. Each bottle features the face sticker of the compounder who made it.

How to Use

Although you may not need it for something like shampoo, we still include a clear how-to section in case you need a gentle reminder.

Top Tip

We want you to have an incredible product experience. So this is where we impart some little known wisdom and tricks on how to use the product for the best results possible.



Good to Know

We want to keep you in the know about what makes our products great. This is where we share interesting info like how the product was invented, why an ingredient is beneficial, clever usage suggestions and what it pairs well with.


We're still fighting the good fight against animal testing, and, as always, none of our products (or ingredients) are tested on animals. Ever!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

We strive to be just as kind to the environment as we are to animals (and people too). Here you'll find information about how to recycle your LUSH packaging. And don't forget, you can always return your empties to your local LUSH store; return five clean black pots and get a Fresh Face Mask on us.