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Jun 06.27

5 Ways to Style Your Hair with Zeste

Posted In: DIY

Looking for a new ‘do?

You can keep up with all the latest hair trends and turn your bad hair day around with Zeste, our brand new vegan styling gelly. With carrageenan extract to soften, fresh organic orange juice for shine and uplifting sweet wild orange oil, this self-preserving product will bring your hair texture, style and a natural hold without that crunchy feeling.

To use, lightly dab your finger into the pot to get a small amount of gelly; remember that with Zeste, less is always more. Rub the product between your hands until it’s evenly distributed and no longer visible. Use on wet or dry hair, working from the back to the front in order to prevent a build-up of product. We can think of a million ways to style your locks with Zeste, but we’ve narrowed it down to five of our favorites.

1. The James Bond

Be as smooth as Daniel Craig with this sleek 007 look. Apply the gel to the hair with your hands, smoothing it straight back or create a sharp side part with a comb. Use more or less Zeste, depending on how well you want your hair to hold up while living your life as a secret agent.

2. The Milk Maid Braid

A milk maid braid is one of the best ways to tame a long mane. This braid works best when the hair has some texture, so begin by rubbing a small amount of Zeste between your hands and applying it evenly throughout your hair. Begin braiding, starting from the front and working all the way around the back, incorporating more and more hair as you go. After the crown is secured with several bobby pins, take a tiny pinch of Zeste and use it to finish off the look, giving it a little extra hold and shine.

3. The Faux Hawk

Flashback to the 80’s and you’ll find the punks that inspired our newest hair gelly. They achieved the hold they needed to create their iconic mohawks with orange juice because of its high sugar content. We make Zeste with fresh organic orange juice to give your hair the lift and hold it needs to keep on rocking. To style, lift the hair from the root up to the tips, shaping and sculpting your ‘do.

4. The Chic Pony

Tame those locks that won’t stay put and smooth out your look with a classic ponytail you can wear all day, from a morning workout at the gym to a night out on the town. After securing your hair into a ponytail with a brush, rub a small amount of hair gel evenly between your hands. After smoothing back your hair into place, lightly run your palms along the hair against your scalp and down your ponytail, leveling out your hair and giving it a gorgeous shine.

5. The Go-With-The-Flow

Add texture and style to your short hair that looks carefree and effortless. After rubbing a pinch of Zeste thoroughly between your hands, work them through your hair at all angles, getting as messy as you like.

Whether you need to add texture, smooth it down or create a rockin’ mohawk, Zeste can help reinvent any look. Show us your Zeste style by sharing it with the hashtag #freshnewlush 

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