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Feb 02.4

Perfume For All Seasons

People enjoy LUSH products for many reasons, all as unique as they are. However, many people are drawn to our products for the way they smell, and the gorgeous perfumes they leave behind once used. What a simple yet divine luxury!

Most of our products belt out fragrance like an opera singer, though others purr a soft lullaby. Some cheer rowdily, while others whisper faintly. Others still are quiet as a sleeping baby, with regards to their scent, though these are a small handful. Our product range is varied like that to meet different needs and preferences.

Whatever LUSH product you choose, there’s a list of Quantitative Ingredients provided on product labels or product info on our website, or LUSH Times. This is for several reasons: we are proud of our inventions, we use the highest quality, most ethically-sourced ingredients we can find, and we also value our customers’ experiences with our products.

We use the word “Perfume” in the Quantitative Ingredients list to indicate that the product contains a secret, special blend of fragrance materials that we also hand-crafted ourselves. “Perfume” became the catch-all phrase to describe each of those special blends easily on labels. Inside our factories, where the products are whipped up in fresh batches, we call those ingredients our EC, or Essential Components.

Most of them are results of LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine’s synaesthesia-prone imagination; Synaesthesia affects a small percentage of people, and enables them to experience a blending of the senses…imagine what a sound could taste like, or what colors smell like. Perfumery, as an art, has been a tremendous outlet for Mark’s imagination.

Mark’s son, Simon Constantine, also creates many of the product EC's for LUSH, as well as helped foster relationships with suppliers of raw materials around the world. Mark and Simon’s perfumery process has been interlaced with our efforts towards sourcing the highest quality materials all over the globe. LUSH directly source from people producing ingredients that match up to our standards of uncompromising quality, and also thoughtful practices for both the planet and people involved in production.

Mark and Simon, while actively working with other Product Inventors on LUSH products, are the noses behind Gorilla Perfumes at LUSH. They use Perfume as a form of self-expression—like potters with clay or painters with canvas, they produce art through fragrance. With Gorilla Perfumes, the actual Perfume is the point. What is inside the bottle is what matters. Each one has a unique story; something that has inspired its creation and influenced its production.

Take for example “I’m New Here”, the Gil Scott-Heron song heard through a record player’s crackle, inspiring Mark to create The Voice Of Reason. Café sounds, the scent of well-loved books, a ripple of laughter and a trace of cigarette smoke from a North Beach cafe are all conjured by this perfume. These are perfumes that have heart and soul.