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Dec 12.18

How Not To Get Invited Back Next Year: Party Behaviors to Avoid

Posted In: LUSH Life

From November to December it's a given that you'll be invited to numerous festivities and parties. In excess. Over and over again. While you can be forgiven for the occasional elastic waistband, over-enthusiastic renditions of holiday carols, and for taking an extra trip to the punch bowl, there are some behaviours that you should keep under wraps, otherwise you may never be invited back again.

Be Considerate to Your Date, and Respect Everyone Else's

If you bring a date to the party, don't ignore them as soon as you walk in the door. Involve them in your conversations; introduce them to your friends, and curb cringe worthy behavior. On the other hand, there's a fine line between being friendly and receptive to someone else's significant and flirting and touching. Don't be the annoying person who makes others uncomfortable.

Don't Forget Your Clothes at Home

While Halloween may allow for some extension of social norms, (why is there a sexy version of EVERY occupation?) your attire at a Christmas party should cover your main body parts. Unless specified in the invite, of course. Do you really want to be the topic of conversation for the entire evening? Are you aiming to be a distraction and cause a collision at the bar? Pull out your party best, but try to avoid frostbite.

Ask Questions and Listen Before Opening Your Mouth

Parties can be a mix of so many people. You never know who you might meet - especially if it's people you've only heard about. Before running off your mouth about someone else, make sure you're not speaking to the person you're gossiping about. Not only have you likely broken a confidence, feelings could be hurt, and you missed your chance to get to know someone who could have been your new best friend.

Leave Table Dancing to the Experts

The music is playing and the punch is flowing. You're bringing out moves like you never have before (and maybe shouldn't). Suddenly, the dance floor isn't enough. You spot the coffee table. You shimmy over. You lift your leg to mount it and ... Stop right there. We've all seen the YouTube videos and no dance move is worth what is likely to happen next.

The Only Pole is the North Pole

If you don't have the skills, don't do it. A Christmas party is not the time to try out a potential new aerobics activity. Wait until after the holidays have passed and the eggnog has been put away before adding pole dancing to your list of achievements. Why not make it your New Year resolution instead?

Don't Drink Too Much

How much is too much? By all means have a glass or two, but if you get out of hand, act inappropriately, or get sick - you might be having a good time at the expense of everyone else. Be a great, charming party guest, not a total nuisance. If you wake up with regrets the next day, make sure that you apologize to anyone you might have offended and start with the hosts. Don't think that no one noticed your groping of the lawn ornaments.

Don't Be the Last to Leave

Have the time of your life, but know when it's time to bid adieu. You don't want to be the last person trolling the chip bowl for crumbs or pouring another drink when it's clear the party is over and the hosts just want to go to bed. Leave when you're having a good time and you're more likely to be invited back for a repeat performance.

Don't Drink and Drive

Enjoy yourself at the party, but do yourself and all of your loved ones a favor and get yourself home safely. Plan a ride home - designated driver, taxi, transit, or walking (sleigh rides work too), so you can have a great time, and get home in one piece without endangering anyone else either.