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Dec 12.26

Our Favorite Memories of 2012

Posted In: LUSH Life

It's been another incredible year at LUSH; these are just some of our favorite memories from the past 12 months.

Time For An Oil Change

Oil spills affect everyone, and this May we continued our campaign to create awareness and fight the negative impacts of oil. Keystone XL and the Northern Gateway pipelines are billion dollar propositions in the US and Canada that would have pipelines crossing our expansive continent in order to export oil resources. Both the construction of the pipelines and the risk of oil spills would have catastrophic impacts on the environment, our communities, and industry. Thank you to everyone who came out to join the discussion and made your voice heard.


Emotional Brilliance

After months of secrecy, (even in our own offices), we launched Emotional Brilliance on July 21st. We chose the date because it's LUSH founder, Mark Constantine's birthday and we thought that such an important product invention deserved an equally important day. Lip colors, eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras, powders, and tints in stunning hues - all vegan! Beautiful cruelty-free formulas and bases with colors chosen to match your psychological needs. Spin the wheel and wear the power of suggestion.


Fighting Animal Testing

At LUSH, we've spoken out about animal testing since our very inception. We've proven that it's possible to have a thriving cosmetics business without ever harming animals. While we are proudly cruelty-free, we left it to scientists and politicians to work on alternatives and banning the use of animals. Frustrated with the progress and tired of waiting, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and awarded the first annual LUSH Prizes to support innovation, progress, and change. Kelly from our Robson St shop went to London for the awards ceremony and shared her experience



Are you fighting boredom in the bathtub? Do you suffer from BAD, (Bath time Apathy Disorder)? Tired of aimlessly watching your rubber ducky float on by? It sounds like you could use some FUN! In October we launched FUN- an incredible, moldable 4-in-1 invention to make cleaning and washing up less of a chore. When you're having fun and making a product called FUN, it seems only right to spread the fun where it's most needed. We created a global FUNd, supported by 2.5% of the total sales.

Find out more about FUNd HERE. 



One of the 50 Best Employers in Canada 2013

We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud. In October we were recognized and ranked #26 as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada! Even better? The Best Employers award is determined by employee feedback. We wouldn't be who we are without our amazing employees. This recognition is an incredible honor, and an accomplishment shared by everyone here at LUSH.


Charity Pot

One of our most beloved products, Charity Pot had another amazing year, thanks to your generosity. Since launching Charity Pot in North America in 2007 we've raised 2.8 million dollars, and supported projects in 30 different countries. In November 10 lucky customers from across North America joined us on a volunteer trip with one of our Charity Pot partners, Friends of Nevada Wilderness to Gold Butte, Nevada.



Fur Trim is a Trap

In December we turned 25 shops in Eastern Canada into campaign centers to put pressure retailers to stop using fur. Each year in Canada, over 3 million animals are killed for their fur. Some are trapped and killed in the wild, and others are raised in confinement on fur farms. Fur isn't fashion; it's animal cruelty. As staunch advocates against animal cruelty we knew we had to stop and take a stand and partnered with the Fur Bearer Defenders in their fight against fur.


Thank you for your extraordinary support in all that we do at LUSH, from product inventions, Charity Pot and our ethical campaigns - we couldn't do it without you. Here's to many more adventures in 2013.