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Dec 12.27

LUSH Careers: Holiday Helpers

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

It’s not uncommon for your regular nine-to-fiver to need a little extra holiday cash. For this purpose, many turn to retail in November and December to fill up their weekends and evenings spreading holiday cheer, making some extra cash, and taking advantage of some great employee discounts.

With every retailer hiring temporary staff for holidays, it's really a job-seekers market when picking where to spend those long hours on the sales floor. LUSH virtually doubles its retail and manufacturing employees between Halloween and New Years, but we don’t have to hire completely from scratch. We’ve been hearing about some amazing Temporary Holiday Staff in our shops that return year after year to spread the LUSH love at holiday time, so we called around to find out why they choose to come back to work for LUSH every Christmas season!


Michael came back for his second Holiday with LUSH at our Christiana store in Delaware. When asked him what attracted him to working for LUSH he said “I love the products, as a college student studying plants, learning the ingredients and what they are good for has been great.”

Michael isn’t the only staff member who finds working for LUSH a good supplement to their education, many students of environmental studies, cosmetology, massage and aromatherapy, find that and education in LUSH products helps bring their classroom learning to life. Working retail during the holidays is very accommodating to a college schedule, just as you are finishing up exams and your last classes; the shop gets busy. But most importantly, Michael says about coming back for a second year, “It’s a fun work environment, it doesn’t feel like work.” He says the staff at LUSH is like friends and family, and what better way to spend the holidays?


Kitty is in the middle of her third holiday with LUSH at our Bellevue store in Washington and couldn’t agree more,

“There is agreat camaraderie in the shop. I love touching customers, putting lotion on their hands - it's lovely. Mostly I love the customers, I’ve worked for other retailers, but the LUSH customers are different…”

One example; a young man came in and asked for whole round of karma soap cut into bars. As Kitty was cutting she started chatting withhim and found out that he was recently returned from his tour in Iraq, where he took Karma Soap with him. They guys made fun of his "fancy" soap, but come shower time he could never find it because they were all using it. He was sending the Karma back to his friends still stationed in Iraq. “It touches my heart,” says Kitty, “There are lots of things that keep me coming back every year, the customers, and the amazing products. It's great to see what the creative team comes up with every year!”


Maggie from our Oakbrook store in Illinois had this to say about working at LUSH, “Compared to other retailers, it’s a very positive place. Everyone, staff and customers are very excited about the products and it makes the day go faster when it's fun and positive.”

Maggie was a customer before she became an employee, “You learn so much more about natural solutions to things most people throw chemicals at.” Working at LUSH is fun, the staff and customers are great, you learn new things AND on top of that “I also take advantage of the discount... I get them (my family) LUSH every year, and I stock up for myself!” The LUSH employee discount is 50%, so that’s double the presents for everyone. Lastly, Maggie said the schedule is has been great, her first year she had another part-time job, last year she had another full time job, and this year she has full availability “LUSH worked around my work schedule in every case.”

Thanks to Michael, Kitty and Maggie and all of our shop staff for providing amazing service and energy every year at your local LUSH shop. See you next year!