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Vanessa Lamont

Also known as Miss V, Vanessa has brought her love of coffee, dancing, and bawdy sense of humor to a variety of roles at LUSH. She started working her moves on the shop floor in Victoria, BC, and crossed the ocean to Vancouver to take the reins as the Customer Care manager. From there her witty wordplay landed her the dream job of LUSH Times Editor. She also had the honor of working with the Charity Pot team, before moving on to start the Content department. The proud winner of the "Most Inappropriate Comment" award is putting her passion for LUSH and words to good use, we hope so anyway. When she isn't tip-tapping on the keyboard, Vanessa can be found drinking (more) coffee, perusing the local Farmer's Market, riding her bikes, going for long walks with her dog, or practicing her dance moves.

Nov 11.14

LUSH Crafternoons: Winter Wonderland

Posted In: Video >> Handmade >> How To

Listen up, crafty crafters. It's time to round up your special scissors, survey your glitter levels and lay out your craft mat, because we've put together a series of easy Christmas crafts you can attempt at home. First up, DIY snow globes!

Inspired by our best-selling Christmas soap - Snow Globe, Julia invited us to her cosy, crafty, cat-filled home to show you how to create your very own Winter Wonderland.

Cr-afternoon Instructions: How to Make a Snow Globe

Materials Needed:

Glass jar with screw-top lid

Crazy glue

Christmas figurine

Glitter or faux snow


Distilled water


1. Unscrew the lid from your glass jar and flip it upside down. Apply a generous amount of crazy glue to the inside of the lid. Press your figurine firmly into the glue to secure its place. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.

2. While the glue is drying, fill your jar with distilled water (almost to the top!) Pour in approximately 2 tablespoons of glycerin.

3. Now is the fun part! You can add as many sparkles or snowflakes as you like, in any color combination. Just sprinkle them into the water mixture.

4. Carefully screw the lid back on the jar, submerging the figurine in water.

5. Flip it over and shake, shake, shake! Congratulations. You've made your very own Winter Wonderland!