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Dec 12.5

We've Been VERY Good This Year

Posted In: LUSH Life

Ho Ho Ho! Our inventors just love the holidays, especially the magic that surrounds Santa Claus, the jolly white-bearded man whose joyful laughter echoes through the crisp winter skies as he rides a magical sleigh pulled by reindeer. Such fun! This year we've created limited edition holiday products that pay tribute to dear old Santa Claus. We're hoping to find some of these in our stockings!

Santa In The Tub

Hop in the tub with a Father Christmas Bath Bomb, designed to look like a cartoon Santa. With a warm, spicy scent, a dash of red glitter and a festive green center, this is the one for jovial winter bathing! If you prefer your bath waters bubbly, you'll want Santa's Sack. First, take the little re-usable Bubble Bar presents out from inside the sack and set them aside for future bathing. Then crumble up the spicy red bubble bar under running water and sink in. Or try the re-usable bubble bar, Bubblebeard, which froths your tub up with mountains of fluffy white bubbles. Pile them up on that chin of yours and practice your Ho Ho Ho'ing!

Santa Standing Up

Santa's here to join you in the shower! Sandy Santa, that is. He's our festive sugar and sand body scrub with an absolutely irresistible scent made up of orange, sandalwood and rosewood oils to tone and brighten bodies. Bring this cutie in with you and rub him all over for soft, scrumptiously scented skin.

Santa under the Tree

We hope to see one (ahem... all) of these under our trees this year! The Festive Fiesta tin, with artwork of our fun-loving Santa, contains Sandy Santa scrub, along with seven of our most uplifting, citrusy products to bring a ray of sunshine to winter showers everywhere. We're rather smitten with the adorable new wrap on our Secret Santa gift. So much so that we've adapted it for the cover of our holiday LUSH Times! This year the contents include Cinders Bath Bomb and our exceedingly popular Honey I Washed the Kids soap. This gift is going to be showing up at quite a few gift exchanges and in stockings too! Wouldn't it be lovely to find a gift under the tree, With Love from Santa? Inside are four bathing scent-sations, including the spicy Santa's Sack, The Melting Snowman, and Golden Wonder and Cinders Bath Bombs. Made fresh by our Bath Bomb team and wrapped with love by the elves in our gift room. Our peppermint-swirled gift box From the North Pole is a real stunner, filled with our magical seasonal sellers. Santa's Sack warms you up in the tub, Father Christmas is for festive bathing, So White Bath Bomb and Bubblebeard make you feel like you're soaking in a winter wonderland, while you rub Sandy Santa on for smooth, soft skin. All our Santa-inspired products in one box! We hope you find a few of these in your stocking and under the tree so you can celebrate with Santa, LUSH-style. If you need to, gift these to yourself, and then pretend they're from Santa!