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Dec 12.19

Energy Saving Tips for the Season of Lights

Posted In: Green

There's nothing quite like the holiday season. We brighten up the darkest, coldest months of the year with friends and family, parties, food and drink, trees, decorations, and lights. While tons of fun, it can be exhausting too. And it's not just an energy drain on people - the holidays are a huge drain on power resources too.

Here are some easy ways to cutback on extreme energy usage. You're not only doing the environment a favor, you'll also be saving some money. It's a win-win situation for all!

Switch to LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights, produce less heat, and are more affordable than ever before. Try fewer lights and dress your tree with more ornaments instead. And when your tree is all lit, turn off the other lights in the house to compensate. It's much cozier and higher impact this way.

Quality Not Quantity

Use a timer to schedule lights to come on when it's dark, and to turn them off when you go to bed. While it's tempting to leave them on all night, it can also be a safety hazard not just an energy drain. Of course, for special nights and to help guide certain reindeer you may want to leave the lights on all night - just ensure you don't do it every night. Otherwise you might end up on the Naughty list.

Power At The Flick of a Switch

When decorating, use a power strip to centralize the cords. You'll drain less energy overall, but it also makes it really easy to turn everything off. One flick of the switch on and you avoid crawling all over on your hands and knees, and one flick off and you never accidently leave any strands of lights on.

Put A Sweater On It

Instead of turning to the thermostat to warm things up, put on a sweater, throw on some fuzzy socks, get bundled under a blanket - or even better, cuddle up to heat things up instead. If you have guests over they'll help keep your house warm, especially during spontaneous dance parties.

Buy Power-Free Gifts

40% of all batteries are purchased during the holidays. Yikes! Make a pledge to give power-free gifts this season. Or, if you buy gifts and batteries aren't included consider adding on rechargeable batteries and a charger too. No only will you help cut back on battery waste, your recipient can enjoy your gift all year long.

Light Tour

Instead of driving around in your car to gaze at Christmas lights, start a new holiday tradition. Get bundled up, pack a thermos of hot chocolate or a flask of hot toddy, and go for a stroll in your own neighborhood for the local light show.

Other Energy-Friendly Ideas:

  • Look for presents without excess packaging. We like it Naked at LUSH year round.
  • Reuse paper, ribbons, and fabric instead of using rolls of new paper.
  • Don't forget your reusable bags when you're out shopping to cut down on bag waste.