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Oct 10.18

A Fresh Face for Fall: How Do You Want Your Skin to Feel?

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Summer may be over but that doesn't mean that your skin can't shine as bright as the August sun. What better way to start fall than looking and feeling fresh with clean skin? At LUSH, we know that you're unique and your skin is no exception. We make a wide range of cleansers for every skin need and desired effect, all you have to do is choose one!

Need a little inspiration? We've put together some suggestions for you based on how you want your skin to feel post-cleansing. Still need some extra help? Pop in to your local LUSH shop and we can help you find the products (or entire skin care routine) that works best for you. Now get the warm water running, grab a face cloth and get ready for a fresh start.


For those of you with sensitive skin that needs a little extra attention, explore these gentle and soothing cleansers. To remove makeup (or just to cleanse) we recommend our cult classic Ultrabland. Our beeswax-based, ultra-rich cleansing emulsion is the solution to bee-utiful skin. Those of you with blemishes and dry patches will love our super calming Fresh Farmacy. This solid facial soap contains calamine, rose and lavender to hydrate and soothe while tea tree oil treats breakouts. Or perhaps you need to escape the daily grime with 9-5, our creamy cleansing liquid with orchid extract to keep your visage petal soft. When your skin isn't cooperating as it should, do some damage control with Aqua Marina. This seaweed and calamine cleanser doubles as a facial mask for when the going gets tough. Once you've cleansed, finish with a spritz of our Eau Roma Water toner, it's gentle and hydrating blend of rose and lavender makes it perfect for you sensitive types.


When the going gets rough, the rough gets scrubbing! We formulate these super scrubbers with gently exfoliating ingredients like ground almonds, sea salt and sugar. The result? Skin that feels squeaky clean, looks bright and is smooth to the touch. If you need a little bit of tough love but your skin is on sensitive side, cleanse with Angels on Bare Skin. This softy of a cleanser features ground almonds, kaolin clay, and lavender oil for a gently exfoliating cleanse that won't aggravate sensitive skin. If your skin falls into the elusive 'normal category', we recommend Ocean Salt, a scrubby sea salt scrub with a brightening blend of lime juice and vodka. For oily, blemished skin that refuses to play nice, unleash the Dark Angels. This charcoal based cleanser uses a mixture of sugar and rhassoul mud to deep clean and exfoliate the worst of congestion traffic jams. Complete your scrub-a-dub-dub with A Breath of Fresh Air, our sea water toner to hydrate your freshly exfoliated visage.


Wash with these heady herbal blends for a tingly, invigorating cleanse that's sure to wake you up in the morning. If you're dealing with deep down dirty and spotty skin these are the solutions to take for a test drive. Our exfoliating cleanser Herbalism zeroes in on problematic congested pores with a powerful blend of rosemary, nettle, and sage. Follow up with our ultra-refreshing china clay and peppermint Mask of Magnaminty. While not considered a daily cleanser, this face and body mask is a great solution to slather on when you need a cooling deep cleanse. If you're looking particularly spotty try our Grease Lightning cleansing blemish gel. This concentrated combo thyme, aloe vera, rosemary and tea tree gets fresh with those pesky pimples. For the big finish use a blast of Tea Tree water toner to keep oily skin toned and balanced.

...And don't forget, for best results dab on one of our fabulous moisturizers across your freshly cleansed face.

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