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Dec 12.11

Fur Trim is a Trap: Trapped for the Holidays

Christmas is still yet to come but we've taken down our decorations at our Queen St West shop in Toronto today. Instead, we've replaced it with a "human" victim of the fur industry. 

For 24 hours our human volunteer will have her leg caught in a leg-hold trap, one of the standard traps used by the fur industry to demonstrate the pain and the cruel terror of awaiting death. After 24 hours they will be dispatched by a trapper to demonstrate the horrific ways that animals are killed for their fur. Why 24 hours? In Ontario the unenforceable maximum time an animal can be left in a trap is 24 hours.

Our live demonstration, in partnership with the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals during the bustling holiday season is meant to educate the public on the horrific and unnecessary suffering of trapped animals, all in the name of fashion. We also hope to inspire you to take action against fur, and sign our postcards urging the end of fur trim on apparel.

If you can't make it to one of our East Coast shops to sign a postcard, you can sign an online petition HERE.

Our many thanks to the brave performance artists who volunteered their time and talent to help us communicate the true reality of the fur industry.

Watch our live stream of the demonstration here. We'll be filming all 24 hours to share and capture the event.

Watch now: