Vanessa Lamont

Also known as Miss V, Vanessa has brought her love of coffee, dancing, and bawdy sense of humor to a variety of roles at LUSH. She started working her moves on the shop floor in Victoria, BC, and crossed the ocean to Vancouver to take the reins as the Customer Care manager. From there her witty wordplay landed her the dream job of LUSH Times Editor. She also had the honor of working with the Charity Pot team, before moving on to start the Content department. The proud winner of the "Most Inappropriate Comment" award is putting her passion for LUSH and words to good use, we hope so anyway. When she isn't tip-tapping on the keyboard, Vanessa can be found drinking (more) coffee, perusing the local Farmer's Market, riding her bikes, going for long walks with her dog, or practicing her dance moves.

Dec 12.9

Green Tips: Gifts

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We think what goes inside our products is more important than packaging on the outside. And you've probably noticed that we prefer Naked products over any packaging at all. BUT, we do love our gorgeous gifts! Even better? You can reuse our paper, boxes, and ribbons and Eco-Flow can be put in your garden! So really, we're not breaking our own rules. Shama is back to tell you all about our beautiful boxes and gifts...


Vanessa Lamont