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Nov 11.24

Step Away From the Punch Bowl: LUSH Hangover Cures

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Oops, you've done it again. Not only have you dazzled your co-workers with the Robot, Running Man, and your Gangnam style (all while wearing a lampshade), you've also shown extreme skill in emptying the punch bowl and now you're paying for it the next day. You lay in bed (still wearing the lampshade), the room is spinning, your head is pounding, and your stomach is rocking like a hurricane. What have you done? 

The nausea, dizziness, headache and fatigue are caused by a combination of dehydration, vitamin depletion, and the toxicity of the alcohol. That's how you did it to yourself. With a name like LUSH, we really know how to celebrate; here are our recommendations to survive the dreaded hangover during party season.


Start with self-pity. Yes, you're the one to blame, and your party with the punchbowl and lampshade may be regrettable, but be kind to yourself and allow a whimper or two to make the pain easier to handle. Calling in sick may not be an option after showcasing your sweet dance moves to your entire office, but if you can, stay in bed for the day. Rest and sleep are essential to your recovery.


The symptoms you're feeling are signs of dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic as your frequent trips to the bathroom can attest. Rehydrating your poor body is the key. Avoid water that is too hot or too cold; room temperature water is best. Drinking water between drinks is also a great way to prevent the horror of the morning-after. You can also replenish your fluids with fruit juice. Alcohol depletes much-needed vitamins and juice can help restore and give you energy.


Coffee wouldn't be our first recommendation because caffeine is dehydrating and narrows blood vessels, which makes hangovers worse. But, if you're a regular drinker of coffee, skipping the java may add to the pounding in your head from the caffeine withdrawal. If you must, have a small coffee followed with a big glass of water.


Even if you've been hugging the porcelain all night, a serving of toast and honey will regulate your blood sugar which lessens the impact on your overtaxed liver working to metabolize all of the alcohol you were swigging. Vegan? Skip the honey and have a banana too. Potassium-rich bananas also help with stomach roller coasters.


While you may have another holiday engagement to attend later, drinking first thing in the morning will only prolong the inevitable. If you're suffering from a hangover your liver is still processing the toxins you guzzled from the night before. Open a cold one and you're only adding to the problem.


A hot bath is always comforting, but extreme heat is not recommended for a hangover. If you're dehydrated, sweating it out works against your recovery. Have a warm bath and keep a glass of water by the side of the tub to sip as you soak. Prefer to do it standing up? Hop in the shower and alternate between hot and cold water.