Nov 11.26

One Beautiful Gift for Eight Crazy Nights


Oy vey! The holidays are here and eight crazy nights of celebration are just around the corner. We don't want to sound like your overbearing mother, but have you made your list and checked it twice? You may have bought enough food to feed a small army, but what about a brilliant new gift to keep your loved ones squeaky clean and schmutz free? With Hanukkah in mind, our merry band of LUSH designers burned the midnight oil to create our new Happy Hanukkah gift. This trio of treats for bath and shower does just the trick when you want to spread festive cheer.

This year our gift designers created a North American exclusive gift that honors the tradition of Hanukkah with modern elements. They began by selecting three of our best and brightest for bath and shower including Avobath Bath Bomb, The Olive Branch shower gel and Ice Blue soap. As the story of Hanukkah goes, a small amount of olive oil was used to light the Holy Temple’s menorah and it miraculously stayed lit for eight nights! With this in mind we chose Avobath and The Olive Branch because they're both made with olive oil, which is also a great way to hydrate dry winter skin. Our indulgent Avobath Bath Bomb also features fresh avocado for a healthy helping of moisture when skin needs it most. The Olive Branch shower gel's zippy mandarin orange scent is great for perking you up after an evening of heavy eating.

Of course we had to add something blue and white too! Our Ice Blue soap fits the bill with its beautiful blue base and scrubby bits of sea salt on top. Whether you're in need of a minty power shower or just want to scrub the schmaltz off your hands in the kitchen, this soap gets you fresh. These products are all hand packed with love and care into a new gift box design created by LUSH graphic designer Jane Koo. We topped it off with a fancy schmancy silver bow and gift tag so it's ready for action without any additional futzing around.

Whether you're seeking a unique gift for children, family or friends, Happy Hanukkah has something to satisfy everyone. Happy Hanukkah also makes an unconventional alterative to the standard bottle of wine when you've been invited to a festive feast.

Ryan Trafananko