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Vanessa Lamont

Also known as Miss V, Vanessa has brought her love of coffee, dancing, and bawdy sense of humor to a variety of roles at LUSH. She started working her moves on the shop floor in Victoria, BC, and crossed the ocean to Vancouver to take the reins as the Customer Care manager. From there her witty wordplay landed her the dream job of LUSH Times Editor. She also had the honor of working with the Charity Pot team, before moving on to start the Content department. The proud winner of the "Most Inappropriate Comment" award is putting her passion for LUSH and words to good use, we hope so anyway. When she isn't tip-tapping on the keyboard, Vanessa can be found drinking (more) coffee, perusing the local Farmer's Market, riding her bikes, going for long walks with her dog, or practicing her dance moves.

Dec 12.22

Happy Christmas, with Love

Posted In: Video >> LUSH Life

And so this is Christmas. Another year is over. We hope you had fun.

When we look back and reflect on the last 365 days and all that we've experienced - we know that we couldn't have done any of it without you. You've welcomed us into your communities as we opened new shops; you've celebrated our new product inventions (and have been as excited as we were); and you've supported us as we continued our fight against animal testing, protested pipelines, and stood up for animals in the fur industry. You've also helped us expand our reach with Charity Pot, and we were lucky to have some of you join us on a Charity Pot trip too.

This isn't just about soap either. We love all of the ways you connect with us - whether you're stopping by your local shop, chatting on the Forum, or posting pictures, sharing stories, and keeping us entertained on Facebook and Twitter.

We don't take any of this for granted. We know we aren't the only cosmetics shop around and we're very grateful that you choose to share your bath and shower with us. But most importantly, that you're truly a part of the LUSH family.

From all of us at LUSH, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.