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Jan 01.7

How to Choose the Right Henna Color for Your Hair

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

One of the amazing things about our preservative-free, and all natural LUSH Les Cacas henna hair colors is that they look different on everyone. We can’t say exactly how Les Cacas will turn out on your hair because they work more like a gloss or varnish than a traditional dye, so it depends a lot on the colour of your hair now. That’s why we recommend you doing a strand test before you do your whole head.

The first thing to do is think about what results you’d like. You've got four choices to choose from: Caca Noir, Caca Brun, Caca Marron, and Caca Rouge.

Caca Noir: If you've got darker brown to black hair, you can expect a dark, blue-black indigo tint. We don't recommend Noir for light hair colors as it has a lot of indigo, which is naturally a bluish green shade.

Caca Brun: Mousey brown, medium and dark brunettes can expect a glossy, unified rich coffee brown color with Caca Brun. Lighter blonde and grey hair will turn several shades darker, turning brown with a green cast. Adding another coat of the same color will darken and develop it further.

Caca Marron: If you hair is very dark in color, it will become glossy, shiny and have a tint of red in the sunlight. Medium brown hair will take on quite a warm, reddish auburn glow. Marron has a much more vibrant effect on light brown, blonde and gray hair, leaving it with a more dramatic auburn color. If you already have red in your hair, Marron will darken and unify the color.

Caca Rouge: Rouge gives a red glow to brown and black hair in the sunlight. It has a very vibrant effect on lighter hair colors, so expect bright results! Rouge can light hair up gray and blonde hair like a bonfire, and gives a gorgeous unifying color to strawberry blondes.

Becasue henna is plant-based, and not a "dye", everyone will see different results depending on their original hair color, so we can't give you swatches and tell you exactly how it will turn out. But here are some before and after pictures of LUSH staff and friends so you can get a better idea of just how gorgeous the results could be.

Whichever color you choose, we’re sure your hair will be glossy and deeply conditioned!