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Dec 12.12

Merry Music for Happy Holidays

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas! There's nothing like the familiar sound of your favorite Christmas carol (or Hanukkah song) to get you in the mood. We've certainly been getting into the sprit of things with music ourselves. One song leads into another, and we find ourselves reminiscing together (while working, of course) about all of our favorites, year after year.

Just for fun, we asked LUSH HQ to share their top holiday picks with us and from that we created a LUSH playlist. Here are just some of the reasons why we press play, year after year:

"My favorite is the instrumental version of "Christmas Time is Here", which is one of the jazz pieces the Vince Guaraldi Trio recorded for the 1965 TV special "A Charlie Brown Christmas". It isn't exactly a carol, but to me, it's synonymous with the feeling of the season. The piano part captures the relaxed atmosphere of time well spent with good friends, and the leisurely pace of the brushed drum beat is the aural equivalent of a stroll through fresh snow." - AQ, Web Team

"I really like, Baby It's Cold Outside," by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan. Ella Fitzgerald just has the most amazing voice and it just means Christmas to me when I hear it. It's also a nice slow song to dance to with your love under the mistletoe." - Ali, Marketing

"I love singing these songs really loud, when no one else can hear. They remind me of being a kid, when Christmas was really fun." - Caitlin, Web Team

"All I Want for Christmas" By Mariah Carey is my absolutely favorite Christmas song because:

  1. 1) I can pretend I have Mariah Carey's voice while I'm belting it out.
  2. 2) Have you seen the music video? It's amazing. Baby bunnies! Snow wrestling with Santa! Kaleidoscope Mariah!
  3. 3) Its rejection of the materialistic side of Christmas is refreshing. Mariah doesn't need a present under her tree. She just wants your love!
  4. 4) I've always considered Christmas to be a romantic time of year, and this song definitely lends itself to epic proposals or admissions of hidden love (anyone want to tell me anything? ...guys?)" - Julia, LUSH Times Editor


Merry Music for Happy Holidays from LUSH Cosmetics on 8tracks Radio.

So what do you think? What's on your holiday playlist this year?