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Jan 01.4

Meet Brandi Halls

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Meet Brandi Halls, our Director of Brand Communications.

10 years ago Brandi started working at LUSH as a PR Assistant right out of college... and look where she is now!

Brandi has been with us as we grew and expanded our business across North America, and has been growing her career at the same time. She's taken on a variety of roles, and even relocated from Vancouver to open our PR office in New York. Along the way she has made incredible contributions to our company, and there is no one better suited to be our Director of Brand Communications. We're very lucky to have her as part of the LUSH family.

But even after all of these years, we had NO idea that behind the scenes her singing, dancing, and botany skills were so expansive. With these talents who knows what roles she'll take in the future?