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Jan 01.10

New Hair Resolutions

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Contests

The relationship you have with your hair is a complex one. We agonize over its bad behavior, contemplate putting it into Rehab, and punish it with blow dryers and flat irons. Sometimes it's too thin, too thick, too limp, too fluffy, curly, and out of control. Sometimes we don't know what we've got until it's gone.

This year we're making resolutions for new hair. Whatever you want to change - bad habits, perming and coloring overload, or if you want to learn to accept your mane for what it is - now is the time to do it.


With all resolutions it helps to write it down, to make it official. If you're really committed to change ask for help; tell a friend. When you have someone else to be accountable to and not just yourself, it makes a world of difference. And with hair it's even easier - there's no hiding that ponytail when you've sworn to stop putting it up all of the time.

 Or, if you have naturally curly hair but are locked into a tempestuous love affair with your flat iron and you've made a vow to break it off, everyone is going to know when you go back for that hot, steamy action. Make a resolution, and embrace your curls once and for all.

We want to know what your #NewHairResolution is. If want to improve the condition of your locks; if you want to finally get your curls under control, or if you're ready for a new color or style - share it with us. Not only will you have our support and gorgeous locks, but you could win 6 months of Free Hair Care!

Here's how you do it:

  1. 1. Visit your local LUSH store to try on some new styles with our hair cut-outs, or pose like the supermodel you are, rocking your hair just the way you like it.
  2. 2. Snap and share a photo of yourself on Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #NewHairResolution
  3. 3. Include your hair care resolution and you'll be entered to win!

Full contest available HERE