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Nov 11.17

Party Season is Here: 10 Tips to Get You Ready

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Top Rated >> How To

We believe the hours before you leave for the party are half the fun! Treat yourself to a trip to LUSH and you'll be anticipating the getting-ready part as much as the party itself. Here are ten tips to truly luxuriate in the moments of getting ready:

1. To set the mood, turn on your favorite music, indulge in a glass of wine and gather up your favorite preparing-for-a-party products.

2. Run a hot bath and sink in with a Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, complete with subtle shimmer and a celebratory champagne fragrance.

3. While you soak, use a Fresh Face Mask to brighten up your skin. Wash it off after about ten minutes.

4. Since you're living in the lap of luxury already, massage in one of our revitalizing hair masks for supremely soft, tamed tresses. Best to do this towards the end of your soak as you'll want to shower it off after about 20-30minutes.

5. When your toes have turned to prunes, drain the bath and rinse off. Then, lather up with our tequila-infused Ponche shower gel with fresh, organic orange juice to zest up your mood and get you ready to party!

6. Once you're clean, brighten your body with our Sandy Santa sugar and salt scrub. You won't be able to stop rubbing yourself once you get a whiff of the sweet orange oil fragrance. You'll love how it melts into arms and legs as you buff, buff, buff your skin.

7. You'll emerge from the shower feeling fresh-faced and ready to take on the world, but wait! It doesn't end here. Once you've dried off, sprinkle Lustre dusting powder all over your body for sexy, shimmering skin.

8. Spritz our sexy Lust perfume onto the back of your neck so when you toss your hair, the alluring scent of jasmine will fill the air around you.

9. From our Emotional Brilliance color cosmetics collection, pick out the words you want to feel at tonight's party. Is it the liquid gold of Fantasy, the pure black of Independent or the sunset copper of Happiness for the eyes? For the lips, choose between the pinks of Charm and Glamorous, the plum of Confident or the red of Passionate.

10. It's socially appropriate to arrive in clothes, so don't forget to put on your party dress before you head out the door. (However, we won't comment on how you might happen to leave the party.)

Now you're relaxed, looking good, feeling good and you're ready to celebrate! So break it down on the dance floor and have fun. We'll be partying this holiday season too; they don't call us LUSHies for nothing!