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Nov 11.9

Skin Care Gets Personal

Posted In: LUSH Values >> Tips and Tricks >> Fresh

On a balmy Fall afternoon, the LUSH Times team hit Robson Street in Vancouver and met Stephanie, a LUSH virgin. We sat her down at our LUSH Robson store and handed her over to skincare guru Nicola to take our personalized skin care consultation for a test drive.

Every skincare consultation at LUSH begins with a Q&A session to help us find the products most compatible with your skin. We believe that your skin is as unique as your fingerprint, so your skincare routine should be as well. Don’t be shy! Our friendly staff members are here to help you find the routine that works best for you. You can expect questions like: what’s your current skin care routine, are you having any issues or concerns, how does your skin feel now, and how do you want your skin to feel after cleansing and moisturizing? Once you fill us in we can get to work suggesting products or an entire routine that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

We sat our willing subject down for a short question session with Nicola, who determined that products with gentle formulations would work best to keep Stephanie’s normal skin looking gorgeous. Then it was on to the best part, trying out the routine. At LUSH, we believe that you should be able to take products for a test drive before you buy, so we offer the option of a complimentary mini facial in store. For Stephanie, Nicola began with Ultrabland, a LUSH cult classic cleanser, to gently remove makeup and dirt while keeping skin soft and supple. Next, Nicola applied Full of Grace, a solid facial serum with Portobello mushrooms, to add a layer of nourishing anti-oxidants to her skin. Over top of the serum Nicola added Angels on Bare Skin, an exfoliating clay based cleanser, to give Stephanie’s skin a deep down, calming calamine cleanse. After a gentle rinse it was time for a spritz of  A Breath of Fresh Air, our refreshing sea water toner that helps to keep skin balanced and hydrated. Finally, a few dabs of our ultra-luxurious facial moisturizer Gorgeous would keep Stephanie’s skin smooth, bright, and richly moisturized. Stephanie was positively glowing and fresh faced as she got the final rundown on her customized skin care.

At the end of her mini facial, we asked Stephanie to give us feedback on the skincare consultation experience. “Oh my god it was amazing, [I’m] super happy,” she said; the experience left her skin, “incredible, super soft, invigorated, and so wonderful.” This reaction is what Nicola loves most about giving skincare consultations, “Getting to connect with customers… you really get to spend time with them and really figure out what their skin is doing… It’s nice to be able to get to know their skin and the person as well.”


Think your skin can handle feeling incredible and invigorated? Then show your skin some love and stop in at your local LUSH store, where we take skin care personally.