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Nov 11.3

The LUSH Philosophy: Hair Care

Posted In: Video >> Fresh >> LUSH Values

There are many facets to LUSH - our ethics, our beliefs, and our actions, but at the core of it all is our passion for creating beautiful and effective products. Our founders are still in their labs, year after year, putting their combined expertise to work, and always pushing the bar higher.

Long before LUSH was LUSH, Mark Constantine LUSH founder and inventor studied as a trichologist - someone who studies the health of the hair and scalp. Partner that with curiosity and a passion for pushing the limits and you get the foundation for hair care at LUSH.

Erica Vega has spent months in the UK working with, and learning directly from the LUSH founders. We asked her to share some of what she knows about the LUSH Philosophy and Hair Care.