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Dec 12.14

Quick Tips: Gift Wrapping

Posted In: Video >> Tips and Tricks >> Gifts

Want to know the secrets behind our beautiful gifts? We wrap each one by hand, with love.

Unfortunately, not all of us are as a talented as our Gifts team. While it is the thought that counts, presentation does too. We put so much care into choosing the perfect gift - and then a tumble with the tape, a tussle with the paper, and a knotty situation with a bow gets us all tied up.

One trick to gift wrapping at this time of year is a generous helping of extra patience courtesy of rum and (vegan) eggnog. Another is to get professional tips and advice from our experts. We stopped by Gifts and Milena, head of our gift wrapping elves, (who's fingers are swift, and her bows mighty), went through step-by-step to show us how to get sharper corners and perfect bows. Thanks Milena!

We've tried wrapping a few since taking the course and we can report that while our wrapping is still not as good as hers, it's been vastly improved!