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Dec 12.20

'Tis the Season: Skin Eruptions

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At some point all of the stress and hectic running around of the season catches up with you. For some, that means spending the holidays clutching the Kleenex box. For others it means unplanned decorations on their faces and bodies, instead of decking the halls. It happens.

This is what we keep in our emergency kit for such skin care emergencies:

Grease Lightning: Super effective thyme, tea tree and rosemary infusion shrink mini volcanoes, zap spots, and treat your clogged pores and inflammation. Consider it your skin superhero. 

Tea Tree Water: Don't use a toner with skin irritating alcohol. Antiseptic tea tree oil gently clears out blemish causing bacteria, while grapefruit and juniper water balance oil production. Spritz away. 

Mask of Magnaminty: Make dirt a distant memory with our deep cleansing face and back mask. China clay and fresh peppermint dig way down into your pores, aduki beans exfoliate flaky skin, while honey calms and soothes. Amazing. 

Irritations aren't only the realm of your face, (and we're not referring to your mother-in-law either). Your poor skin can have troubles all over.

Dream Wash: Sensitive, sore skin will be awash with relief with our gentle, whipped creation made with soothing aloe vera, lavender, rose, tea tree, and calamine. No lather, just hop in the shower and wash your cares away. 

Dream Cream: Our most gentle cream for troubled, sensitive skin is one of our proudest achievements. We make it with every calming, soothing ingredient we can get our hands on. It transforms suffering bodies and makes people happy. Job done. 

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